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Golden-thread Nanmu Guzheng with Dragon Carving "Kowloon-drama"   高级金丝楠木演奏古筝九龙戏珠

Brand: Xian Sheng
Level: Concert
Size: 64'' (163cm)
Style: Wood Carved
String: 21
String material: High level German steel string
Veneer material: Golden-thread Nanmu
Sound board material: Grade paulownia wood
Structure material: Golden-thread Nanmu



This Guzheng is custom made by professional musicians from Yangzhou manufacturer; and it is made by Golden-thread Nanmu at first tail and four side panels.  
The sound panel is made by paulownia that from Henan Lankao. Paulownia light and tough, and does not cracking. It is a spun silk bright, beautiful with delicate texture of the wood itself. The paulownia materials by dry naturally, so that the sound tone is veronika, and protected from the weather. The framework is a high-grade white pine, cold heat; which is hard wood with stability, to ensure that no deformation. The materials have to undergo a matte processing, the soundboards are a natural air-dried senior paulownia.


      Original Accessories:

  • Professional solid wood bridge set

  • Free Guzheng picks, tape

  • Tuning wrench

  • Free 3-piece "H" style solid wood Guzheng stand

  • Free Soft Carrying Case



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