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  传统古筝曲 Classic Guzheng Music

乐曲名 Music Name 下载  Download  
九百九十九朵玫瑰  999 Roses Download  
彩云追月   Clouds Chasing the Moon Download  
沧海一声笑  A Laughter From The Seas Download  
沉默是金  Silence is Golden Download  
但愿人长久  Wish Love To Be Long-life Download  
丁香花 Lilac Download  
洞庭新歌 The New Song of Dongting River Download  
滚滚红尘  Rolling World Download  
寒鸦戏水  The Jackdaw Playing with Water Download  
菊花台  Chrysanthemum Platform Download  
两只蝴蝶  Two Butterflies Download  
浏阳河  Liuyang River Download  
梦里水乡  Region of Rivers & Lakes in My Dream Download  
茉莉芬芳  Sweet Jasmine Download  
茉莉花  Jasmine Flower Download  
女儿情  The Girl's Love Download  
乐曲名 Music Name 演奏者 Musician  
片片枫叶情  The Love of Maple Leafs Download  
倩女幽魂  A Chinese Ghost Story Download
祈祷  The Pray Download  
情深深雨濛濛    Deep Love with Misty Rain Download  
上海滩  Shanghai Bund Download  
晚秋   Deep Autumn Download  
为爱痴狂  Deep Love Download  
我想念你    I Miss You Download  
我有一段情  My Love Story Download  
小城故事  The Story of the Small Town Download  
笑红尘  Smile the World of Mortals Download  
新鸳鸯蝴蝶梦 New Dream of Mandarin Butterfly Download  
绣金匾  Embroider A Golden Plaque Download  
雪山春晓  Spring Dawn on Snow Mountain Download  
夜来香   Evening Primrose Download  
渔舟唱晚  Fisherman's Serenade Download  


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