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  传统古筝曲 Classic Guzheng Music

乐曲名 Music Name 演奏者 Musician  
一点金 A Dot of Gold Lijie  
三十三板 33 Beat He Baoquan  
上楼 Walk Up the Stairs  
下楼 Come Down the Stairs Chao Guifen  
云庆 Celebration in Yunnan Fan Weiqing  
关山月 The Moon at the Fortified Pass Yuansha  
凤翔歌 A Song of Hovering Phoenix Xia Jinou  
出水莲 Lotus out of Water  
剪靛花 Shear Indigo  
十杯酒 Ten Drinks  
千声佛 Thousand Buddha's  
叹颜回 A Dirge for Yan Hui Libian  
四合如意 All is Happening As Desired Fanran  
四段锦  Four Bolts of Brocade Fanran  
天下同 Great Harmony All Over the World Yuansha  
妆台秋思 Autumn Recollections  
姜女泪 Tears of Jiangnv  
孟姜女 Meng Jiangnv Yuansha  
寒鸦戏水 The Jackdaw Playing with Water  
将军令 General Order  
小开手 Xiao Kai Shou  
小霓裳曲 The Gossamer Song  
小飞舞 Flying a Little While Yuansha  
小鸟朝凤 Little Bird Crossing the Wind  
苏武牧羊 Mission to Xiongnu Yuansha  
蕉窗夜雨 Rainy Night on Banana Panel    
虞美人 The Beautiful Lady Yu    
蝶恋花 The Butterfly Lingers Over the Flower Yuansha  
西厢词 A Love Song of Wing-West House Yuansha  
西江月 The Moon Shining over the West River Xu Huiqi  
乐曲名 Music Name 演奏者 Musician  
崖山哀 A Lamentation on the Cliffy Mountain  
广陵散 A Song of Guangling
开扇窗 Open the Window  
打雁 The Wild Goose Hunting  
无意凭栏 Lean Against the Railing Wen Ruoni  
旱天雷 Summer's Thunderstorm  
春江花月夜 A Moonlit Night On The Spring River    
月儿高 The Moon Rises Limeng  
汉宫秋月 Autumn Moon Over Han Palace    
河南八板 Henan Zheng Pieces    
浪淘沙 A Change World    
浪淘沙 A Change World Fan Weiqing  
渔舟唱晚 Fisherman's Serenade    
湘妃泪 Tears of Xiang Queen Wangli  
灯月交辉 Lanterns and the Moon in Radiance    
画眉跳架 Dance of the Blackbirds Yuansha  
秋思曲 Meditation in Autume Yuansha  
秋风词 Autumn Wind Tune    
秦桑曲 Melody of Remembrance Sun Jinyang  
穿花蜂 Flower and Bee Yuansha  
翡翠登潭 A Halcyon Skimmed over the Deep Pool    
老六板 Old Six Beat Xia Jinou  
自由花 Free Flowers Yuansha  
苏武思乡 The Nostalgia of Su Wu Fan Shange  
过江龙 The River Dragon Yuansha  
锦上花  King Flower Xu Huiqi  
闺中怨 The Grievance of a Lady on Her Room Chao Guifen  
阳关三叠 Bid Farewell To a Departing Friend    
高山流水 Flowing Water by Lofty Mountain    
春江花月夜 A Moonlit Night On The Spring River    

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