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  现代古筝曲 Folk Guzheng Music

乐曲名 Music Name 演奏者 Musician  
北京的金山上  Gold Mountain of Beijing    
夜深沉 The Deep Night Jiwei  
平沙落雁  Wild Geese on the Beach  
平湖秋月  Moon over Peaceful Lake in Autumn    
康定情歌  The Love Song of Kangding Xu Huiqi  
彝族舞曲  The Dance Music of Yi    
彩云追月  Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon    
春苗  Spring Seedling  
枉凝眉  Drawn Brows Xu Huiqi  
梁祝  Butterfly lovers Yu Hong  
洞庭新歌  The New Song of Dongting River Liuxiao  
高原红  Rosy Cheeks Song Tingting  
乐曲名 Music Name 演奏者 Musician  
浏阳河  Liuyang River Wangli  
牧羊曲  Shepherd Song
神奇的九寨  Magic Beauty Funa  
紫竹调  The Tune of the Black Bamboo  
美丽的草原我的家  My Home on Nice Prairie Song Xiaolu  
茉莉芬芳  Sweet Jasmine Luo Jing  
茉莉花  Jasmine Flower Wufang   
草原情歌  The Love Song of Grasslands Wufang  
采茶扑蝶  Tea Picking Butterflies Flutter Yuansha  
金蛇狂舞  Snake Dance    
雪山春晓  Spring Dawn on Snow Mountain Lijie  
四季歌   The Song of Season    


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